Jonathan Lawson and Colonial Penn: What Seniors Need To Know


Jonathan Lawson is a name that has become synonymous with Colonial Penn, one of the leading life insurance companies for seniors over 50 years old.

Jonathan’s famous $9.95 commercial is known all over the United States and his face represents trustworthiness when it comes to choosing a reliable provider for your senior life insurance needs.

But what do you really know about the $9.95 Colonial Penn Plan? And, are there some better options available than just Colonial Penn’s products?

Here, we will provide an overview of who Jonathan Lawson is, how he became associated with the Colonial Penn $9.95 Plan, explore the company history – as well as other more comprehensive life insurance plans.

Be sure to read before taking any next steps towards purchasing senior-specific life insurance coverage.

Table of Contents:

  1. Who Is Jonathan Lawson?
  2. Colonial Penn Company History
  3. What Is the $9.95 Colonial Penn Commercial?
  4. Better Life Insurance Options for Seniors Over 50 Years Old
  5. FAQs in Relation to Jonathan Lawson Colonial Penn
  6. Next Steps

Who Is Jonathan Lawson?

Jonathan Lawson is a well-known face in the insurance industry, especially for seniors over 50 years old. He has been featured in numerous commercials and advertisements for Colonial Penn, an insurance company that specializes in life insurance policies designed specifically for seniors.

Jonathan Lawson is a longstanding employee of Colonia Penn. He currently works as their Director of Quality Assurance and Escalations. And, he has become one of the most recognizable faces associated with the company’s products and services.

Jonathan Lawson is directly involved developing marketing strategies to promote the company’s products and services to potential customers across various media channels.

This includes television commercials featuring him personally speaking about their offerings – such as final expense life insurance plans tailored specifically towards seniors over 50 years old.

Jonathan Lawson also serves on several boards within the financial sector. These boards are related to banking regulations and consumer protection laws, which help ensure that customers receive quality service from reputable companies like Colonial Penn when they purchase any type of life or health insurance policy.

Jonathan Lawson has been an integral part of Colonial Penn’s success and growth over the years.

Colonial Penn Company History

Colonial Penn Company is a leading provider of life insurance products and services for seniors over the age of 50. Founded in 1957, Colonial Penn has grown to become one of the largest providers of life insurance for seniors in the United States. T

The company quickly grew from its humble beginnings.

Since its founding, Colonial Penn has expanded its product offerings significantly, while focusing specifically on guaranteed issue life insurance products for people over 50 years old.

Colonial Penn has achieved several notable milestones throughout its history. In particular, they became one of only two companies licensed by the state government to sell burial insurance policies directly to consumers without going through an agent or broker network – making them pioneers in this field since then.

They Furthermore, Colonial Penn is widely known amongst senior citizens due largely because of their popular $9.95 per month commercial, originally featuring Alex Trebek, which ran nationally during primetime television slots throughout much, if not all, of the United States.

Colonial Penn has grown and evolved significantly over the years, becoming one of the leading providers of insurance products for seniors.

Key Takeaway: Colonial Penn has been providing guaranteed life insurance products to seniors over 50 for more than 50 years. However, you need to be aware of their pricing model.

What Is the $9.95 Colonial Penn Commercial?

The $9.95 Colonial Penn commercial is a series of television ads featuring Jonathan Lawson, the company’s spokesperson since 2015. Originally, Alex Trebek was the spokesperson before his passing.

The commercials promote the company’s guaranteed issue life insurance product, which is designed to provide coverage for seniors over 50 years old.

The commercial features Jonathan Lawson in various scenarios discussing how easy it is to purchase life insurance from Colonial Penn and how their product can help protect loved ones in case something happens to them.

He also emphasizes that the policy only costs $9.95 per month and that there are no medical exams required for approval.

You need to be aware of what exactly the $9.95 represents. In actuality, it is typically not much in life insurance coverage.

Every “unit” of life insurance purchased costs $9.95. What is a unit? Units represent a certain amount of coverage, depending on your age and gender.

So, a unit of coverage is worth more for someone buying coverage at 50 years old, versus someone who is 75 years old. Units are also worth more to females than males.

The commercial is misleading, unfortunately.

In addition to highlighting its affordability, these commercials emphasize other benefits such as guaranteed acceptance regardless of health history or age, fixed premiums that never increase with age, and cash value accumulation over time so policyholders can borrow against their policies if needed later on down the road.

While, the coverage is easy to qualify for and will last a lifetime, the amount of coverage many people qualify for is less than what someone usually needs for end-of-life expenses.

One thing is for sure – the $9.95 Colonial Penn Commercials featuring Jonathan Lawson have proven to be effective in raising brand awareness and increasing sales growth for the company.

However, seniors need to be aware that most life insurance carriers can offer more coverage for less money than Colonial Penn.

Key Takeaway: Colonial Penn’s campaign featuring Jonathan Lawson has been a success, resulting in increased brand awareness and sales growth among seniors over 50. But, their guaranteed issue life insurance is actually expensive for the face amounts available.

Better Life Insurance Options for Seniors Over 50 Years Old

Seniors over the age of 50 have unique life insurance needs that require careful consideration. It is important to understand the types of coverage available, as well as the advantages and considerations when choosing a policy.

Be sure to evaluate other options than the Jonathan Lawson $9.95 plan.

There are several types of life insurance policies designed specifically for seniors over 50 years old.

Depending on your needs, seniors should evaluate:

  • Term life insurance
  • Whole life insurance
  • Universal life insurance
  • Final expense plans

Term life provides coverage for a specific period of time (usually 10-30 years) at an affordable rate; however it does not build cash value or provide any other benefits beyond death benefit protection.

Whole life offers lifelong protection with premiums that remain level throughout the insured’s lifetime; additionally it builds cash value which can be used to pay premiums or withdrawn in case of financial hardship.

Universal Life combines features from both term and whole policies by providing flexible premium payments and death benefit amounts while also building cash value over time.

Finally, Final Expense plans are designed to cover funeral costs and other end-of-life expenses without requiring medical exams or underwriting processes; they often come with lower face values than traditional policies but offer quick approval times so beneficiaries can receive funds quickly after passing away.

Choosing the right life insurance policy for seniors over 50 years old can be a difficult task, which is why it is necessary to collaborate with an independent life insurance agent.

An agent will help in understanding the different types of coverage available, and the advantages and considerations when selecting a policy can help you make an informed decision.

For example, you can plan to assess:

  1. How much coverage is needed based on current debts and expenses.
  2. What type of policy best fits your needs (term vs permanent).
  3. Whether additional riders such as accelerated death benefits or long-term care riders should be included in the policy.
  4. How much money can comfortably be spent each month towards premiums.

It is important to read all terms and conditions carefully before signing anything so that there will not be any surprises down the road.

What you will likely find, as you work through a needs assessment, is that the Colonial Penn $9.95 Plan does not provide the features and functions to meet your life insurance needs.

Key Takeaway: Seniors over 50 have a variety of life insurance options available to them, including term, whole, universal and final expense plans. Look beyond the $9.95 plan.

FAQs in Relation to Jonathan Lawson Colonial Penn

Here we cover frequently asked questions about Jonathan Lawson and Colonial Penn.

Does Jonathan Lawson actually work for Colonial Penn?

Yes, Jonathan Lawson works for Colonial Penn.

He is a longtime employee and is currently the face of Colonial Penn’s commercials, which specialize in providing insurance products to the senior market.

Who is Jonathan Lawson in the Colonial Penn commercial?

Jonathan Lawson replaced Alex Trebek in the Colonial Penn commercials.

The commercials feature Colonial Penn’s $9.95 Plans.

He hopes to connect with senior citizens, speaking to viewers about how they can save money on life insurance with Colonial Penn’s products.

Jonathan is portrayed as knowledgeable and trustworthy, providing information about the company’s offerings, while encouraging seniors to take advantage of them.

Next Steps

In conclusion, Jonathan Lawson from Colonial Penn is a trusted face of the company and has been helping seniors over 50 years old find life insurance options for many years.

However, the $9.95 Colonial Penn Plan does not provide high-value for seniors looking for coverage, typically.

If you are interested in purchasing life insurance from Colonial Penn, make sure to do your research and take all necessary steps before making any decisions.

The best next step is to partner with an independent life insurance agent, who will help you compare and contrast quotes and policies from multiple carriers – not just Colonial Penn.

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